Life Lessons Path for Success

Empower your child to find their passion & potential. One term could change a lifetime


Life Lessons Path for Success is a series of 10 individual coaching sessions for your teenagers over a four month period. Each session will be one hour, either face-to-face, over the phone , via zoom or face time.

The goal of Life Lessons Path for Success is: 


  • To increase self-confidence
  • To increase maintain trust
  • To develop self-identity
  • To increase physical health
  • To cultivate a desire to interact
  • To contemplate and form values and convictions
  • To feel an integral part of society
  • To mirror respect and appreciation
  • To foster strong positive relationships with parents and peers

Coaches have a lot to offer teenagers, because they:

  • Are not their parent
  • Are safe
  • Are not their peer
  • Give them plenty of support 
  • Challenge them to try new strategies
  • Guide them through the transition from high school to university
  • Are another positive adult relationship besides parents and teachers  
  • Accept them as they are
  • Are in their corner
  • Have no vested interest
  • Offer lots of encouragement
  • Hold their greatness up to them
  • Do not have a vested interest in one particular course of action 

"Participating in the Life Lessons Path for Success coaching program was extremely beneficial for me. It opened many new opportunities and gave me a new strength to face difficulties and failure with positive strength. However, mostly the course helped me succeed in aspects of life that I hadn’t had the courage to face. In many instances people settle for 2nd best, or believe what they feel or who they are can’t be changed, however I discovered that wasn’t the case. On a personal level, Tracy has helped me improve relationships with peers and my family; improve confidence and my general well-being towards my view on life. I enthusiastically recommend the course, especially for teenagers."

Amelia – 15yr old girl

Life Lessons for Teens

Life Lessons for Teens

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Life Lessons for Teenagers Intro 2019 (pdf)