Coaching 4 Teenagers
Coaching 4 Teenagers
  • Life Lessons Path for Success

    Empower your child to find their passion & potential. One term could change a lifetime


    Life Lessons Path for Success is a series of 10 individual coaching sessions for your teenagers over a three-month period. Each session will be one hour, either face-to-face or over the phone.

    The goal of Life Lessons Path for Success is: 


    • To increase self-confidence
    • To increase maintain trust
    • To develop self-identity
    • To increase physical health
    • To cultivate a desire to interact
    • To contemplate and form values and convictions
    • To feel an integral part of society
    • To mirror respect and appreciation
    • To foster strong positive relationships with parents and peers

    Coaches have a lot to offer teenagers, because they:

    • Are not their parent
    • Are safe
    • Are not their peer
    • Give them plenty of support 
    • Challenge them to try new strategies
    • Guide them through the transition from high school to university
    • Are another positive adult relationship besides parents and teachers  
    • Accept them as they are
    • Are in their corner
    • Have no vested interest
    • Offer lots of encouragement
    • Hold their greatness up to them
    • Do not have a vested interest in one particular course of action