So Many Choices, so many questions?

What am I good at?Where can I best use my skills?How do I learn best? What am I really interested in

At Coaching 4 Teenagers we can offer teenagers the opportunity to get a clearer look into their future.


  • Is your teen wondering what subjects to take in Years 11 & 12?
  • Are they worried about what preferences to make for university selection?
  • Is your teen unsure where to or what to do after school?
  • Are you worried about paying for a wasted university education?
  • Are you concerned your child will leave university with a huge debt and a degree they will never use?
  • Is your child doing well but you know they could do better?
  • Is your child lacking direction and motivation?
  • Does your teen want to know what they are good at and how to use it?
  • Do you want to help them gather ideas and plans for exciting career options?

Future Directions is a ten-session programme which includes the Highlands Ability Battery assessment which gives young people practical information on their natural abilities, how they learn best and what environment is most conducive to their well being. Future Directions guides young people through an 8-step model designed to provide them with practical and real information for making exciting and rewarding future plans. This programme leaves young people with an action plan for their future, and it also raises their self confidence, self esteem and belief in themselves.

Future Directions
Future Directions

The Highlands Ability Battery

Highlands Ability Battery

Is designed to help people understand their natural abilities and to use this information, along with other critical factors to make career and educational decisions, enhance their careers, increase satisfaction and productivity on the job and create a work/life balance.

The understanding of your abilities is a foundational tool for making practical and relevant decisions for educational and career choices and self-management within a career. Natural abilities are innate; they are how we are hardwired. Abilities do not describe what we can or cannot do, but rather what tasks will come more quickly and easily and those that will feel more difficult. Knowing your natural abilities allows you to operate in a way that can enhance learning, increase productivity and allow for greater satisfaction in school, career and life.

The Highlands Ability Battery, based on 75 years of research, is a series of work samples that accurately test: problem solving abilities (inductive and deductive reasoning), spatial abilities (ability to see, remember and conceptualise things in three dimensions and two dimensions), idea productivity (volume of ideas), a variety of learning channels, observation, number memory, verbal memory and others. Each individual test is short and objective. It does not rely on self–reporting, but actually assesses and measures a natural ability.


Jake really didn’t have a clue about university. He had never done particularly well in school and never seemed interested. Jake took the Ability Battery because his parents made him do it, and he was surprised to discover some interesting things about himself.

First of all, Jake learned that part of the reason he'd had difficulty in school was that it was hard for him to pick up information from written material. He did find out, though, that he had the ability to remember what he heard. Learning and reviewing material became easier for him when he began tape- recording classroom discussions and lectures.

Jake also learned that he had strong abilities and interests in visual design. He was delighted. Here was something he could really do. While he was still in high school, he began taking art and design courses. A passing interest in photography became a passion. Jake enrolled in a school of design, and by last reports, he was doing just fine.

Jake’s mother had this say to say: “The Future Directions course made all the difference in Jake’s confidence. It seemed as though he just came out of his shell and was suddenly willing to try some things he had never done before. It was wonderful to see him stand so tall."


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