Parent as coach

Parent as Coach

Programs for Parents


Learn the skills of Parent Coaching

In as little as 10 sessions we can help you build a better relationship with your teenager.

Our goal:

... is to create positive, powerful partnerships between adults and teenagers, allowing for lasting and enduring bonds of mutual love and respect . You as the parent will help your teen build a life of confidence, courage and compassion.

Our outcomes:  

· To examine our own core beliefs and values

· To promote responsibility.

· To recognise and effectively manage stress

· To appreciate the unique perspective of teens

· To express respect, understanding and support for who they are right now

· To guide the teenager to their own solutions, inherent gifts and path to a meaningful life

· To enhance their self esteem and self confidence

· To learn to nourish independence

· To develop a new coaching language

· To learn to listen from another point of view

· To learn to support rather than to rescue

· To acknowledge and understand their feelings



I was able to see the difference a 'coaching' approach made within my family. Consistency is something that I have struggled with but my awareness of this is leading to positive change within the family. Not only was there focus on my son, but I learned more about myself and my needs and how this impacts on the family.Colleen - mother of a teenage son and a preteen daughter

My conversations with my children are now lovingly directed and controlled rather than just a 'conversation'. I have a better understanding of them and their wants and desires and they have a more respectful and sharing understanding of mine. My approach has changed for the better and therefore my relationship has strengthened, they are more relaxed with life in general and the things that I worried about are now happening naturally………it is an effortless yet dramatic turn around – one which Tracy introduced with the loving enthusiasm it deserves. Gregg - single father with sole custody of two teenagers

The principles behind the Parent as Coach Approach are not rocket science, but both the book and the course are put together in a simple and practical way that helped me actually implement the 7 key steps. Tracy's coaching is a great forum for highlighting key issues, sharing real experiences in parenting and coaching teenagers and workshopping some coaching approaches that have real meaning for both parent and teenager. It is surprising how much and quickly you can change your own mindset and it is interesting to see the positive impact this has on the family in general. There are plenty of testing times, and the changes are gradual, but its worth persisting! Roger – father of two teenage boys 13 & 16