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Tracy Tresidder MEd MCC

Tracy Tresidder is an executive, life and family coach, lecturer, author, trainer and facilitator in the areas of Communication, Conversational Intelligence, Leadership Training,  Life Skills and Family Coaching. She has a wealth of knowledge and communicative skills acquired through her background in education and health with both adults and children across the public and private sectors for over 29 years. Tracy holds a Masters Degree in Education and a Professional Development Certificate in Coaching Practice from the University of Sydney. Tracy is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, is a Past President of the International Coach Federation Australasian Chapter and is also a member of Sydney University’s Coaching and Mentoring Association.

Tracy is a certified Family Coach, having trained with Diana Sterling and completed the Advanced Coaching Course from the Academy for Family Coach Training in 2003.  She began using her new-found skills of Parent Coaching with her clients and found that it was having such an amazing effect on their relationships with their teenagers - in only a matter of weeks. Relationships that they thought were lost to years of tension and struggle soon became ones of love and joy. Their teenagers became more responsible, trusting and respectful and the parents began to enjoy their teenagers. 

Tracy was having such a remarkable impact on families that she was asked to join the Relationship Coaching Institute to present the Conscious Relationships for Families Course and also partnered with Diana Sterling as the worldwide Lead Trainer for the Parent, Teen and Family Coach Training Program. This work has enabled her to continue her passion in helping parents and teenagers create more fulfilling, harmonious relationships.

Tracy is also a mother of two adult sons  and is actively involved member of the local community. She has been coaching since 2001 and during this time found that many of her clients were frustrated and angry about their relationships with their teenage children. During her coaching sessions she worked on moving the parent-teenager relationship from conflict and opposition to encouragement and support. Tracy has been able to repair many of the relationships her clients had thought were doomed until the teenage years were over. Using the “Seven Ways to Coach Your Teen” and the "Parent as Coach Approach" has given parents a practical method of relating to their teenagers.

Tracy is currently coaching clients one-on-one and running workshop series for small groups of parents and the results have been outstanding.

One client writes:

The Parent Coaching course is not about 'how to be a better parent' it is about real life situations understanding that 'if we don’t change, nothing will change'! Thank you Tracy for assisting me with a better understanding of myself and the insight into the teen world. Every parent of teenagers would benefit from the content and practical guidelines of this course.   Julie - 3 children (14, 12 & 12)

Through her coaching, Tracy helps teens and adults discover their life purpose. She coaches teens in the areas of personal empowerment, emotional intelligence, self-care and skill development. She coaches parents to create positive, powerful partnerships with their teenagers, allowing all concerned to form lasting and enduring bonds of mutual love and respect.

Tracy Tresidder

Tracy Tresidder