Coaching 4 Teenagers
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"We really appreciate your time and expertise and the way you facilitated a thought process that in some ways we had already begun but one which had come to an impasse. Even more than the tools, was the encouragement that gave us the self-belief and confidence to engage with our children." Vijay Roach – father of 5 June 2008

“This was an outstanding approach used by Tracy to guide individuals and families to self-fulfilment and enhanced relationships with each other. I would recommend this to everybody, no matter what the age of your children.” Mark Moran Sept 2008

“I started this coaching program for all the reasons that each of us do -'Our Teenagers'. We all want to try and have a better relationship try and understand this stranger that has taken over the little child. We don’t want to lose our children to all the evils of this modern day. I think we are scared if we make one mistake we will lose them forever. We have all watched the show “Missing Persons” and all too often it’s a teen that was last seen sometime a. I didn’t want to be one of those poor parents, not knowing, never knowing where their child has ne! So I wanted to understand, learn to respect and gain respect. I have achieved all of this and so much more by simply listening and not judging my teen. Thank you Tracy for helping me see what a beautiful daughter I have. Thanks to the individual Coaching Program, I will be better equipped for my next child as he approaches his teenage years.” Jenny Pridham July 2008

“I think that every parent, no matter how great their skills are at parenting, should take part in this Parent Coaching Program." Evette Moran September 2008

"As the mother of one pre-teen and one teenager, I found the "Coaching 4 Teenagers – Parent as Coach" course invaluable. You think you know it all but it is great to learn and be coached, in subtle ways, on how to deal with the myriad of changes that happen in your children’s lives as they approach and travel through their teens. I have a much improved relationship with both my girls since doing the course and continue to work on the strategies and suggestions. I can highly recommend the course to anyone one with teenage boys or girls." Louise (mother of 11 & 13 yr old girls)

"It has been a very personal and challenging program, however I feel coming out the other side, knowing the strong position our relationship is in now, this approach should be taught in all schools.  My relationship with my step son which was what I described as 'terminal' at the start of the program has taken a huge leap forward since we both completed the coaching program. I was invited last week to be a 'friend' on Tom's Facebook - this says it all" David

Thank you for the past four Tuesday evenings. They have been, and will continue to be, some of the most valuable hours I have ever spent. I found the course to be very practical and made so much sense. It takes a commitment to put the exercises in to practice, but it has completely changed the karma of our household. It provides an eye opener into what is really happening in the home, assists you in understanding different personalities and how to work with them, and helps to keep you focussed on improving communication with your teen as well as the household in general. It has just helped to totally improve the relationship I have with my daughter. A huge “THANK YOU” Tracy!

Debbie Stuart

"My son Sam was an angry young man, who at 16 was now smoking marijuana daily. We had not had a decent conversation or any sign of love and affection from him in months. He was expelled from school and we were struggling to deal with him. Then I found Tracy at Coaching 4 Teenagers and she changed our world. Through her support and coaching us around how we could do things differently in our relationship with Sam we have had conversations and a new feeling of mutual love and respect that we never thought possible. His behaviour has changed and not because we tried to control him but because we used the new Parent as Coach approach"  Jill & Pete parents of 2 boys 14 & 16