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The 9 Ways of Parenting

Knowing your Enneagram Type will help you discover how your personality motivates the way you behave as a parent and how your child’s personality interacts with your own. You will discover how to recognize your greatest parenting strengths and weaknesses and how to free yourself to become a true guide and coach to your child. By discovering your Enneagram Type you will:

  • Establish stronger connections with your child

  • Eliminate self defeating behaviour patters

  • Deepen parent – child communication

  • Reduce stress in your home

  • Gain self awareness and identify your parenting strengths

  • Support the flowering of your child’s personality

Parenting does count—not to produce a personality type, but to influence how healthy a child of that type will be. It is therefore not difficult to see that when parents work on themselves through tools such as the Enneagram, they are not only doing something good for themselves, they are making possible one of the greatest gifts they could give their children—an emotionally healthy childhood and a happier future. Parents who help their child develop self-esteem, emotional stability, open curiosity, trust in self, an enjoyment of life, strength and self-confidence, easiness with themselves, the ability to regulate themselves, and empathy for self and others (qualities found in the nine types) set the stage for the development of all of their child's potentials and future accomplishments.

There are nine different Enneagram styles, representing nine distinct habits of thinking, feeling, and taking action, connected to nine unique personal and spiritual developmental paths. Each of us has only one place or number on the Enneagram; while your Enneagram style remains the same throughout your lifetime, your characteristics may soften or become more pronounced as you grow and develop.

 The Enneagram reveals people's natural behaviour patterns: qualities & strengths, but also weaknesses, as they communicate, influence, solve problems, and work with others. These patterns can limit personal effectiveness. The Enneagram holds a mirror up. When "blind spots" are revealed, it can be challenging and it is also very rewarding and liberating, because something can be done to solve entrenched problems.

It is important to take your time in discovering your own Enneagram style, being careful not to prematurely type yourself or others. The following overview of the system and the style descriptions will give you a preliminary understanding of the Enneagram system and the core issues of each style.

Click on this link to download a PDF of descriptors of the nine types.

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