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Title: Parent as Coach Approach; The 7 ways to coach your teen in the game of life
Author: Diana Sterling
Year: 2001
This is the indispensable guide that brings parenting and coaching together in a thought provoking yet practical handbook that points the way towards more harmonious parent-teen relationships.

Title: Choice Theory
Author: William Glasser
Year: 1999
Review:This book is a fantastic insight into personal relationships that you have with other people and yourself. This book will not revolutionise your life with a magic spell but will give you a different perspective that will help you to revolutionise not only your life but that of others around you.


Title: Uncommon Sense for parents with teenagers
Author: Michael Riera
Year: 1995
Review: Most of us spend our entire adult life trying to figure out our own childhood, so it's no wonder that raising a child can seem confusing, challenging and at times scary. This book is a life saver.
Title: Right from wrong : Instilling a sense of integrity in your child
Authors: Michael Riera & Joseph Di Prisco
Year: 2003
Review: Never preachy and always practical, Right from Wrong is an important and inspiring book about raising children with a conscience.
Title: The Indigo Children
Authors: Lee Carol & Jan Tober
Year: 1999
Review:This book is a must for the parents of unusually bright and active children. Indigo children are those who display a new and unusual set of psychological attributes and show a pattern of behaviour generally undocumented before. The Indigo Children tells you how to identify this behavioural pattern, then guides you on how you can help these children to realise their amazing potential

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The Relationship Coaching Institute


The Relationship Coaching Institute

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The Relationship Coaching Institue is a worldwide coaching, training, and educational corporation. Read on to learn how we can help you advance your education in the exciting specialty of parent and teen coaching.

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This website is link to one of the biggest and most important community service organisations in NSW
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The service works in partnership with others to provide a wide range of community health promotion and healthy lifestyle programs across the whole northern Sydney area
NSW Centre for Parenting and Research -
Practical tips, information and resources to hep make parenting easier
Drug Information @ Your Local Library -
Health information service set up to guide you through the maze of information concerning health issues and to help you become more informed about the important aspects of you and your teenagers’ life.
Parent Link -
Parentlnk is an initiative of the government of ACT that promotes attitude and behaviour in parents and general community that nurture and support children and strengthen families. The Parent link pages include parent guides and tip sheets


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Depression & Overdose Prevention in Youths and Teens
Suicide Prevention information service with suicide and depression information, statistics and help Australia wide.


Organise Your Life
Organise Your Life! is a user-friendly home-based filing system, that helps de-clutter your house and head. It has a comprehensive selection of ready-made lists, covering everything!
A place of hope and compassion for the severely depressed or suicidal.

Support4Hope offers Mental Health Support chats, forum boards and information on many topics including, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Anxiety/Panic Disorder, OCD, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and others.
Self Knowledge for Creative Personal Growth looks at the ideas of Freud, Jung and Carl Rogers and the systems of Buddhism and Astrology and how they answer the question Who Am I? It has a person centred orientation and offers resources for inner development, healthy feelings and trust in one’s intuition.