Coaching 4 Teenagers

Coaching 4 Teenagers - Coaching Philosophy 

At Coaching 4 Teenagers we believe that every parent and teenager truly want to have an open, honest and loving relationship. We encourage the individuals to explore their true self and discover their passions and real purpose in life and with this bring a new feeling of love and joy to their parent-teen relationship.

Some parents are struggling to keep the lines of communication open and to let go of the control they had when their children were pre teens. We believe parents care deeply for their children and are concerned with their safety - physically, emotionally and spiritually. At Coaching 4 Teenagers we can help the parent by teaching them some of the basic skills of coaching, enabling them to build a better relationship with their developing young adult.

We come from a position of being “non-judgmental”, that is, we believe, the parent is not right or wrong just needing to learn some new skills to bring their relationship to one of mutual love and respect.