Coaching 4 Teenagers

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Teen Coaching!   Parent Coaching!  Family Coaching!

The Relationship Coaching Institute has partnered with The Academy for Family Coach Training has developed a truly unique training and coaching offering that no other company can match because it consists of a series of proven techniques that condense over 30 years of collective coaching, education and training experience into a proven system for working professionally using teens coaching, young adults coaching, parent coaching and family coaching.

The Family Parent & Teen Coaching Course is a rigorous 40 week coaching course which is now completely virtual so you can join us from anywhere around the world. The next course commences June 4th 2012 - please email Tracy for details. One of our recent graduates is a PCC certified coach, and this is what she had to say:

“My experience has transformed, grounded and enabled me to discover my heart for coaching! The Advanced Coaching Course is rirous, thought and action provoking. The depth of the material and the experience was life changing” Wendy Groot, PCC, Hobart, Tasmania.